• U L E K A N x Bali

    The Spice of Indonesia.
    Traditional Indonesian Cuisine Made with Love.


    A new concept by The Good Food Brotherhood

    curators of renowned Bali favorites such as

    Milk & Madu and Watercress Cafe.

    A celebration of Indonesian cuisine, combining the distinct flavors of this beautiful archipelago. Paying homage to the abundance of the earth and seas through conscious nourishment.


    Inspired by the sense of family and community, we work closely together with neighborhood farmers and advocating a more locavore approach.


    We prepare our menu with fair-trade and organic ingredients, without msg nor palm oil. Only natural, authentic tastes of the spices and herbs it is known for.


    We strive to build relationships with local farm communities and promote a good food brotherhood.

    We present Ulekan Bali.

    Serving well loved traditional dishes and stylish interiors, delicious drinks & desserts. Welcome to the home we share with you.


    Discover the vibrant flavors of the world's largest archipelago.

    The magic that is born in the Ulekan.

  • menu

    Lunch from 11 am + Dinner from 5 pm

    Enjoy our new and improved lineup of Indonesian classics

    // lunch

    Starting at 11 am we open our doors to welcome you home.


    Feel at home.

    Traditional Indonesian cuisine from all over the archipelago to appreciate and savor.

    Well-known dishes such as the

    Gado Gado, Tahu Tek, Beef Rendang, Sate Ayam and more

    with an exciting host of spicy sambals!

    A bevy of delectable choices to

    savor and delight in.


    From a delicious assortment of

    curries, stews, grilled meat and vegetables

    sauteéd, blanched, blended

    and mixed to absolute perfection.


    Then there's the famous Nasi Campur.

    A beautiful plate of local favorites

    of all the above but arranged in medley of flavors you will adore.


    Available in vegetarian and vegan plates.

    Best enjoyed with an

    ice cold pineapple coconut granita or lemongrass iced tea.





    We’re so happy to announce Balinese dance performances are now live 3 times a week

    on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.
    Celebrating local styles - beautiful evocative and graceful movements to enthrall you. 

    Enjoy the exciting flavors of the archipelago with a traditional feast curated by Chef Sofian!

    Welcome Tastes from the Ulekan!

    From starters, mains and dessert - get a delectable sampling of the best classic dishes of Indonesia.
    Meant to be shared with your favorite people.

    Only 250K ++ per person for regular option / with meat or 190K ++ for the vegetarian option -
    Add 250K for the perfect wine pairing.

    Dinner available daily from 5 pm

    with dance performances starting at 7 pm on those days mentioned.

    // coffee

    Beans by the Brotherhood


    We’re so proud to share with you our very own

    Beans By The Brotherhood.

    To say we take our coffee seriously would be a total understatement.


    This house blend is 100% Arabica from

    Colombia, Brazil, Ethiopia and Uganda.

    Our very own.

    Our medium roast perfectly balances

    bittersweet chocolate, bright acidity and lingering caramel notes.


    Most importantly, we always pour a double ristretto.

    A single shot of coffee passing through

    a double hit of coffee grind.

    That means you get pure golden crèma goodness which makes for the best coffee - full of oils, aroma, richness and taste that a single shot just won't give you.


    All this coffee snobbery is pulled through our gorgeous retro Marzocco in the hands of our expert baristas.

    We hand carried our latte glasses from Australia because it has to be perfect and right. Being quite particular means

    coming up with the very best results.


    Obsessed? Well, only a little.

    We welcome you to linger over a perfect cup

    or swing by for a quick coffee-to-go.

    Ulekan is the perfect venue for relaxing mornings

    and the best afternoons.

    Sip it hot or enjoy over ice.

  • promos

    Happening at U L E K A N this month

    // Tastes from the U L E K A N

    Tastes from the U L E K A N celebrates flavors of the archipelago.




    A beautiful 3-course tasting menu where you can try the best of the best at Ulekan. Local dishes we all love and crave.


    Authentic methods of preparing and cooking with spices that are unique to this wonderful land we call home.


    Every day we present an inspiring dinner menu.

    Entrees, mains and desserts of the most popular dishes we serve

    in U L E K A N.


    Only 190K ++ per person for lunch, with a vegetarian set option.


    Only 250K ++ per person for dinner with vegan and vegetarian options.


    Designed for sharing and a minimum of 2 people.


    Add 250K for the perfect wine pairing.


    Dinner starts at 5 pm daily.




    // Balinese Dance at U L E K A N

    Celebrating arts & culture in Ulekan every Monday and Friday night

    Be entertained with a Balinese dance and the Cendrawasih - a beautiful evocative performance of graceful movements to enthrall you.


    Another local dance we love and present to you.

    Immerse yourself in local cuisine as you enjoy a traditional Indonesian feast curated by Chef Pak Sofian called Tastes from the Ulekan.

    From starters, mains and dessert -

    get a delectable sampling of the best classic dishes in Bali.


    Only 250K ++ per person for regular option with meat or
    190K ++ for vegetarian option - meant for sharing.

    Add 250K for the perfect wine pairing.


    Dinner from 5 pm with dance performances s starting at 7 pm ✨🍷



    // We love Nasi Campur!

    Order a Nasi Campur & get an ice cold granita for only 80K ++!


    This true indonesian classic is one you won't wanna miss!


    Enjoy this amazing combo of fried rice, chicken, herbs, vegetables and amazing flavors that's soooo good!


    Matched with an ice cold granita of your choice for only 80K ++

    Every single day of the week from 11 am to 3 pm!

    Indonesian classics you'll love!

    Also available in vegetarian and vegan version for 70K ++ only

    For dine-in guests only.



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    Ulekan, Jalan Tegal Sari 34 Canggu, Bali
    Open Everyday 11 am - 10 pm
    +62 813 39211466
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