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    Independence Day


    August 17


    Celebrate Indonesian Independence Day with our special menu
    launching this Thursday! 

    Say Selamat Makan to our Rijsttafel Set Menu at

    U L E K A N!

    Enjoy a traditional Indonesian Rijsttafel
    with a complimentary drink on arrival,
    either cocktail or non-alcoholic beverage.

    150K for Rijsttafel Vegetarian SET

    175K for Rijsttafel Ulekan SET

    For a minimum of

    2 people :)

    Sashi at

    U L E K A N


    730 to 10 pm

    This Saturday sounds a little bit different as we turn things

    up a notch at U L E K A N.

    Get ready for some acoustic jives and loop music with Sashi!

    Enjoy a riveting performance while you savor an authentic

    Indonesian meal with your favorite people.

    Traditional flavors of the archipelago with well-loved dishes and a modern sound for a great night in Canggu.


    Music starts at 730 pm until 10 pm.

    See you for a change of scene and something exciting!


    U L E K A N


    7 to 10 pm

    Balinese performance at

    8 pm


    ​Get an elegant taste of classic local culture at

    U L E K A N!​​

    ​Listen to ​great traditional music ​and​ ​savor ​authentic, rich ​Indonesian food​ all night​. The flavors will inspire you!

    ​​With a beautiful Balinese dance performance to enjoy your evening with us.

    50k cocktails all night

  • Get To Know Our Menu

    Lunch from 11 am

    Dinner from 5 pm

    // Lunch

    The famous Rijstaffel --

    Taking cue from Dutch era influences

    following the hidang presentation of Nasi Padang from the Padang region of

    West Sumatra. A bevy of delectable choices to savor and delight in.

    From a delicious assortment of

    curries, stews, stir frys and vegetables

    sauteéd, blanched, blended

    and mixed to absolute perfection




    Feel at home.

    Traditional Indonesian cuisine from all over the archipelago to appreciate and savor.

    Well-known dishes such as the

    Gado Gado, Tahu Tek, Beef Rendang, Sate Ayam and many others

    with an exciting host of spicy sambals to try

    // Coffee

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    Say hi. Share your feelings. Tell us about your day.

    We'll get right back to you.

    Ulekan, Jalan Tegal Sari 34 Canggu, Bali
    Open Everyday 11 am - 10 pm
    +62 813 39211466
  • Ulekan x Bali

    The Spice of Indonesia.
    Traditional Indonesian Cuisine Made with Love.


    A new concept by The Good Food Brotherhood

    curators of renowned Bali favorites such as

    Milk & Madu and Watercress Cafe.

    A celebration of Indonesian cuisine, combining the distinct flavors of this beautiful archipelago. Paying homage to the abundance of the earth and seas through conscious nourishment.


    Inspired by the sense of family and community, we work closely together with neighborhood farmers and advocating a more locavore approach.


    We prepare our menu with fair-trade and organic ingredients, without msg nor palm oil. Only natural, authentic tastes of the spices and herbs it is known for.


    We strive to build relationships with local farm communities and promote a good food brotherhood.

    We present Ulekan Bali.

    Serving well loved traditional dishes and stylish interiors, delicious drinks & desserts. Welcome to the home we share with you.


    Discover the vibrant flavors of the world's largest archipelago.

    The magic that is born in the Ulekan.

  • Reservations

    Please book in advance, our small space fills up fast and we don't want to miss you!